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spare parts

Most of the every day components that you will require are of Bullet 500 and readily available, the components that are of Carberry origin are parts that do not require replacement often, for example most are in the bottom end and are required when doing a major overhaul, this is usually a timely procedure; giving us ample time to courier your parts {within India} or airfreight {for overseas customers}.

Below is a listing of the origin of parts:-

Carberry chassis parts

  • Head stem bearings

  • Swinging arm bushes

  • Piggyback ignition for second cylinder & small wiring

  • Front fork stay

  • Header pipes

  • Seats

  • Main chassis and engine plates

  • Easy to change spinon oil filter

  • Rear chain

  • Throttle and choke cables

Bullet engine parts

  • Complete top ends, except push rods & front inlet manifold

  • Connecting rods

  • Gearbox

  • Clutch

  • Alternator

  • Carburation

Bullet chassis parts

  • All other chassis parts are of bullet origin.

Carberry engine parts

  • All other chassis parts are of Carberry engine origin.

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