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Pannier with Top Box

  • Aluminum alloy material: light weight & high strength.

  • Easy to install.

  • Sealed & Waterproof: Waterproof system was constructed by imported German rivets, Japanese waterproof glue and imported silicone strips.

  • Imported silica gel: stable & long service life.

  • Dust-proof lock design: firm & exported to Europe and America.

  • Direct fit. light weight and strong Imports aluminum alloy sheet with high strength, 34% more toughness than domestic aluminum alloy sheet.

  • Can absorb the impact energe to a large extend to protect the motorcycle undercarriage and the contents of the box with effective reduction of box.

  • The use of welding technology has a strong sealing performance and hand stiffness.

  • Reinforced techno-polymer protection on corners.

  • Increased thickness of bottom bevel angle can effective provide greater friction and safety protection when accidental lateral sliding occures.

  • Lockable, detachable lid. Side box with lid that can be locked quickly for convenience.

  • High strength bearing capacity meets riders’ require

Price - 60,000 INR

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